Dina Launcher


Submersible barge   -  9000 dwt

Main principals
L.o.a. 91.44 m          
Beam 27.43 m          
Built: 2010
Depth 6.10 m             
Draught 4.84 m          
Deck load 25 mt/m2
Light ship 2400mt      
Deck area 2500 m2
Deadweight 9000 t
Tonnage: gt 4537 nt 1345

Submersible draft

Fwd 13.00m  Aft 13.00m

Class Regulations 
DNV + 1A1 Submersible Barge 

Ballast  tanks  x 20 pumproom forward
Auxiliary diesel sets  2 x 55KW 
Aux / generator 1 x 66 KVA  
Ballast pump 2 x  600cum/hour
Anchor / mooring winch
Sounding system: Kokums
Ballast remote system Bloom Voss
Ballast controll room in fixed deck tower port side forward


Towing arrangement
Smit towing arrangememt, SWL 80mt.
Towing Bridle: Chain and wire with delta plate. SWL 80mt 

Flotation tanks
3 x removable tanks
1 x fixed tank forward port side.
Each tank: l / H / W  10 x 9,1 x 5,0m